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Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds
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International orders: Many countries have different restrictions and regulations regarding seed import. Many countries also require a phytosanitary certificate which we do not provide. These certificates are not cost effective for us to obtain. If seed is purchased and then requested or subsequently shipped outside the Continental United States and the shipment is rejected or disallowed to enter the country, this rejected shipment is at the buyers own expense and we will not be responsible for these rejected or lost orders. Once the order is placed with us and the order has been mailed, we are no longer responsible for delivery and shipment is considered at your own risk. Verification that seeds have been handled and care for properly cannot be verified which is one reason we cannot accept seeds back for refund or exchange.

LIMITED LIABILITY:  Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC has limited liability for any loss or damage from the purchase that is result of negligence and the maximum liability shall be limited to the replacement of the item or a refund limited to the price of the purchase.  In no case shall Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC be responsible for more than the purchase price. Claims must be received in writing within 30 days from the date that the seeds were shipped to the purchasing party.  Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC maintains the right to request all products, seeds and/or plants be returned and received within 15 days upon receipt of liability notice. Only after the above has been complied with will Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC consider appropriate adjustments. This Limited Liability and all other Terms and Conditions are considered accepted by the purchaser when purchasing products and/or seeds. Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC maintains the prerogative to deny service to any customer with justification given as determined exclusively be Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC.

DELIVERY:  Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC is responsible for providing tracking of orders to the address that was provided in the order. Assumption is made that if the delivery company, for example USPS delivers the order to the provided address and verifies this through tracking then Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC has no responsibility beyond this. If the when placing the order the customer wishes to purchase mailing insurance, notification to Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC must be sent and received using the “Customer Notes” during the checkout [process. Purchasing insurance is the only means of recovering reported lost items after tracking verification of delivery to the given address.

Photos: All images and photographs on the Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC web site are protected under U.S. copyright laws. Downloads of any kind of images and photos are prohibited and shall not also be reproduced. Violators risk prosecution under the copy right laws.

Website:  The website may have inadvertent errors or omissions and Bulk Organic Vegetable Seeds, LLC will not be held liable in these events.